A Message from Doncaster Hill Dental about COVID-19

A Message from Doncaster Hill Dental about COVID-19

To our valued patients – a message regarding COVID-19

Please refer to our Google, Instagram or Facebook for the recent updates in regards to COVID19.

Dental Restrictions Lifted
As of Monday 28 September much of the restrictions on the provision of dental services have been lifted. This has been done as the Government Chief Medical Officers and Health Departments have confirmed it is both safe and essential for people to attend the dentist and maintain their oral health.

Neglect of your oral health, for any protracted period of time, can lead to general health problems, as well as dental specific concerns that can escalate quickly in terms of required dental treatment and subsequent cost.
For those of you unsure if you are able to leave your home – a dental appointment is deemed a legitimate reason to leave your house.

Welcome back
We are excited to warmly welcome back our valued patients to the practice. To book your next appointment, you can call us on 9840 2963, or schedule yourself in online through our website.

Your safety
While risk of COVID-19 transmission in Victoria at this time is exceedingly low, we would like to reassure you that Doncaster Hill Dental is always proud of its commitment to, and enforcement of, the very highest standards of infection control and hygiene – and no less so at a time like this.
As a matter of course, we are continuing to eliminate risk to our patients of any type of infection. By its very nature, as a dental practice, our clinic maintains the highest standard of infection control on a permanent basis.
In addition, we have taken additional proactive steps to protect the health and welfare of all our patients and staff at this time.

Virtual consultations are available for Invisalign patients, please check out http://doncasterhilldental.com.au/invisalign-melbourne/ for more information.

We are in this together.
With your trust and continued loyalty, we will continue to care for you during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a very difficult period for our entire team, who have faced their own personal hardships due to our closures. We are happy and very grateful to be back at our clinic to care for you again. We look forward to continuing to be of service to you.

With very best wishes,
The Team at Doncaster Hill Dental

At Doncaster Hill Dental , we value your opinions. We always make sure that you feel comfortable throughout your smile transformation journey and receive the best result that you have been dreaming for. For more information about COVID-19 measures taken at Doncaster Hill Dental, please give us a call or Book Online Now to schedule yourself in for your first appointment.

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