Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers

Add 1st slide_Before Add 1st slide_After
Before1 After1
Add 2nd slide_Before Add 2nd slide_After
Replace the 2nd slide_Before Replace the 2nd slide_After
Before3 After3
Before4 porcelain veneers After4 porcelain veneers
Before5 porcelain veneers After5 porcelain veneers
Add 6th slide_before Add 6th slide_After
Before4 After4
add 7th slide_before add 7th slide_after
Before5 After5
Before6 After6
Before7 After7

Dental Crowns

Before2 After2
Before1 After1
Before3 After3
Before4 After4
Before5 After5
Before6 After6
Before Dental crown last slide After Dental crown last slide

Gum Lifting & Contouring

Before1 After1

Composite Veneers

Before1 After1
Before2 After2
Before3 After3
before4 after4
Before5 After5
Before6 After6


Slide1_Before Slide1_After
Slide2_Before Slide2_After
Slide3_Before Slide3_After
Orthodontics-Before-Slide-1.jpeg Orthodontics-After-Slide-1.jpeg
Add after existing slide1_Before Add after existing slide1_After
Add after existing slide1_Before3 Add after existing slide2_After3
Add after existing slide2_Before2 Add after existing slide2_After2
Orthodontics-Before-Slide-2.jpeg Orthodontics-After-Slide-2.jpeg
Add after existing slide2_Before Add after existing slide2_After
Before-3-braces.jpeg AFter-3-braces.jpeg
Before1-6.jpg After1-8.jpg
ReplaceExistingSlide5_Before ReplaceExistingSlide5_After
Before3-5.jpg After3-6.jpg
Before4-1.jpg After4-1.jpg
Before5-1.jpg After5-1.jpg
Before6-2.jpg After6-2.jpg
Before7-3.jpg After7-3.jpg
before8.jpg After8-1.jpg
Before9-1.jpg After9-1.jpg

Dental Implants

Before1_Dental Implants Melbourne After1_Dental Implants Melbourne
Before2_Dental Implants Melbourne After2_Dental Implants Melbourne

General Dentistry


Before1(2) Before2
Slider 2 before Denture Slider 2 After Denture
Before1(4) After1(3)

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Before1 After1
Tooth Coloured Fillings Before Slide 2 Tooth Coloured Fillings After Slide 2
Tooth Coloured Fillings Before Slide 3 Tooth Coloured Fillings After Slide 3
before3 after3
Before4 After4
Before5 After5
Before7 After7
before8 after8
Before_LastSlide After_LastSlide

Dental Bridge

Before_Dental Bridges After_Dental Bridges
Before2_Dental Brides After2 Dental Bridges
Before1 After1
Before3(1) After3(1)


Jawline Injections

Before1 After1
Before2 After2
Before3 After3

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Before 2 Anti wrinkle After 2 Anti wrinkle
Add to 2nd slide_before Add to 2nd Slide_after
Before1 After1
Before 3 Anti wrinkle After 3 Anti wrinkle
Before 4 Anti wrinkle After 4 Anti wrinkle

Dermal Fillers

Before 1 Dermal Fillers After 1 Dermal Fillers
Before 2 Dermal Fillers After 2 Dermal Fillers

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