Dr Lavonne Kong, Cosmetic dentist Doncaster, Melbourne, Doncaster Hill Dental, Invisalign


Dr Lavonne Kong

BDSc (Melb) Postgrad Dip. Dig. Ortho. (UK)

“I am a perfectionist who is in the quest of finding the way to create the perfect smiles for my patients. And I can reassure you that I will make your smile journey as pleasant and close to perfect as possible.”

Dr Lavonne is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist in Melbourne with over ten years of experience in private practice. She graduated from the University of Melbourne and has since dedicated herself to providing her patients with the highest quality of dental care. Dr Lavonne understands that quality leads to long-lasting relationships and that is what is most important to her.

Dr Lavonne is truly passionate about cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implants, and facial injectables. She is highly skilled in porcelain veneers and Invisalign, which allows her to create beautiful, personalised smiles tailored to each individual’s needs. Her love for cosmetic dentistry drives her to pursue her dental career in this field, and she continuously advances her knowledge and skills through further education and training, both locally and internationally, in order to stay updated with the latest technologies and techniques.

When you see Dr Lavonne, you can be reassured that you are in the best hands. She has a gentle touch and will go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable during your appointment. Her philosophy for treating everyone is to treat them as if she were in their shoes. She would want to feel cared for, have her concerns attended to and have the types of treatments that she would be proud to have. With her keen eye for aesthetics and world-class skills, Dr Lavonne will be able to design and create a smile that you will love and feel confident in.

Dr Lavonne believes that dental care goes beyond just the physical treatment of teeth and gums. She takes a holistic approach to treating her patients and takes the time to listen and understand their individual needs. She is sensitive to her patient’s concerns and strives to provide the best solution for them. She is known among her patients for her warm and friendly bedside manner, and for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment in her practice.

Dr Lavonne’s dedication to her profession is not just limited to her practice hours. She enjoys learning about new advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry and keeps herself updated with the latest developments. She is a member of several professional organisations and regularly attends conferences and workshops to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, techniques and trends.

In her free time, Dr Lavonne enjoys traveling, reading, and exploring different cuisines from around the world. She is also fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay, which allows her to better understand and connect with patients from diverse backgrounds. This fluency also allows her to communicate with her patients in their preferred language, making them feel more at ease during their appointments.

Dr Lavonne also values spending time with her family, and finds that this allows her to recharge and relax. Her diverse interests and activities allow her to bring a fresh perspective to her work and help her to continue to improve and grow as a cosmetic dentist.

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